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Automatic Transmission Fluid     Product Information:  
Break-In Oils     • SynMax Racing (Extreme Duty) Synthetic
  Automatic Transmission Fluid is specifically  designed for racing Applications which require
  increased fluid bite upon Special aggressive clutch
  material design for firm shifts
• SynMax™ anti-wear technology & synthetic
  chemistry; protects converter, gears, bearings &
  components while greatly reducing parasitic drag
  upon the internal parts; providing cooler
  temperatures. (20°F - 40°F) less as compared to
  other standard OEM or Racing automatic
  transmission fluids.
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Water Kooler      
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      Application and Use:  
    • Racing (Off Road) Automatic Transmission
• GM Turbo 400, Ford, Chrysler Racing Automatic
• Suggested & intended design application(s) only.
  Part# 052-400427   MSDS TDS VIDEO  
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