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Automatic Transmission Fluid     80W90 Product Information:  
Break-In Oils     SynMax Break-In Gear Lube SAE 80W90 is
specifically designed - Manual Transmission &
Differential (Rear End) Break-In sessions for Gears
Mating, Bearing, Component, & Internal Case
Surface Cleansing Procedure(s). Premium 100%
Petroleum Base Oils with proprietary Hypoid - High
Zinc/Sulfur Anti-wear formulation, providing
superior protection & cleansing performance.
Power Steering Fluid      
Water Kooler      
Synthetic Grease      
Bert Blue Magic      
Bio-Solvent     Additional Need for Break-In &  
      Component Cleansing:  
      Even if the components are brand new or freshly
rebuilt; Industry standard requirement by most OEM
or racing drive-train builders is to perform a proper
break-in session for parts to mate together while
simultaneously cleansing important components &
holding case sub-surfaces of debris metal particles &
contaminates large & micron small This standard
process is normally performed by top level
Professional Specialty Teams in NASCAR, NHRA.
  Part# 052-188090   MSDS TDS VIDEO  
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