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SynMax™ Racing Synthetic SAE 90 Hypoid Gear
Lube is a Viscosity Stable Premium Design for Hi
Performance & Extreme Duty Rear End (Differential)
Applications. Diamond Like Additives- DLA, Anti-
Wear & Poly X with Aerospace Synthetic Chemistry Protects Gears, Bearings & Components while
Greatly Reducing Friction, Parasitic Drag with Cooler
Temps & Smoother Longer Gear Life. Premium
Extreme Pressure (EP) Protection during High Shock
Load Periods upon Hypoid Gears (Ring & Pinion).
Aerospace Polarized / Tackifier Formulation helps
Gear Lube to become “attracted to” & “cling upon”
not “Sling Off” from Gears & Bearing surface.

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    Application and Use:  
    • Extreme Duty Differential (Rear End) which requires
  a Fully Synthetic EP Gear Lube Type SAE 90.
  Part# 052-430090   MSDS TDS VIDEO  
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